Criminal lawyers fees can vary depending on the complexity, complication, or duration of a case, and it is common for clients to be left with higher bills than they initially expected. Unless you are eligible for legal aid given the risk of an immediate gaol term, or under the age of 18 years, below is a breakdown of cost estimates for various services. More accurate costings can be established during our initial client conference (see below). My charge out rate is $600.00 per hour.

Legal costs in Magistrates and Childrens Court (estimates only)

• Guilty Pleas, Contest Mentions, or Committal Mentions – $2,200.00
• Not Guilty 1 day Contest or Committal –  $4,400.00
• Bail Applications – $2,200.00 to $3,300.00 (written outline / counsel input)
• Intervention Orders - $2,200.00 mention or Directions Hearing, 1 day Contest $4,400.00

* Gaol Conference with client at the Melbourne Remand Centre , Port Phillip Prison, or another gaol, up to 3 hours, and return travel,  $1,800.00

Travel costs to courts 2 hours away from Ballarat at $300

If overnight accommodation is required, then $400 per night (includes food)

NB the above guilty plea in mitigation quotes are based on 1 police brief only, extra police briefs attract higher legal costs given additional work involved. 

Likely range for a guilty plea is about $2,200.00 to $3,300.00 depending on any lengthy preparation, or written submissions, and /or lengthy court appearance work required.

Legal costs in County Court (estimates only)

• Appeals – up to $4,400.00
• Guilty Pleas – up to $6,600.00
• Not Guilty Trials by Jury $40,000 (5 day trial).

I only use senior/ experienced Melbourne barristers for trials, so it can be expensive.

My Queen's Counsel barrister charges $5,500.00 per day.


I do not give free legal advice via telephone, but you are very welcome to telephone me to schedule a 60 minute client conference.

In your client conference you can present me with police charges or the police brief or other court paperwork to read and then advise you about. You can ask any questions. I can advise you on current legislation and case law, defences available to you or possible sentences the court may impose. You will know your exact legal position after our conference.

A client conference will cost you $600.00 (inclusive of GST), payable to me, in person, in cash, on the day of our conference. You will receive a paid tax invoice by email immediately upon payment at your client conference.

This $600 initial conference fee is part of your costs estimate listed above and not in addition to your overall costs.

If the conference goes beyond one hour, you will be charged an additional fee, especially if two hours are required given any complexity, or the number of police briefs.

You have no obligation to continue with me beyond our initial conference.

You get what you pay for, or don't pay for in life. I'd rather act for less clients to provide a high quality legal service, than act for too many clients. I'm not looking to solve every criminal law problem.

I have a standard costs agreement as required by law for you to sign, but with me, you will know exactly how much your case will cost within the first 10 minutes of our conference.

My Maryborough office at 188 High Street was established in 2001. I now live in Ballarat and Jan Juc, I am available to meet clients at my office or at a location close to the relevant court house.

Once you have read the above, and understand the payment of $600 for our initial conference, then please contact me on 0419 105 590.